WFB18AC-3 (Solo type)

Container Capacity:   12L

Net Weight:                 11.5kgs

Range:                         ≥15M

Mating Power:             IE48F

Packing Dimension:   695x450x330

Power:                         2.6kw/5500r/min

1x20 FT container full load: 280 sets

WFB18AC-5 (Solo type)

Container Capacity:    20L

Net Weight:                  12.5kgs

Range:                          ≥15M

Mating Power:              IE48F

Packing Dimension:    760x470x330

Power:                          2.6kw/5500r/min

1x20' Container full load: 252 sets

Solo Sprayers

Contact Us For Quotes. Sprayers do not have United States EPA Certification and cannot be sold in the USA or Canada. 


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